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BC Trees responsive WordPress theme

BC Trees asked Blackspike to come up with a custom built Wordpress theme to include BC Trees’ new branding and to be fully responsive from mobile to tablet to laptop to desktop.

Rejected logo concept

We recently rebranded a London based company, and supplied them with a series of logo concepts. These are some of the rejected ideas that we are too fond of to hide away! Made entirely in Blender 3D.

Agenda View – Windows Phone app site and icon

Visit We created a new site and icon for our friends at – they built a handy calendar app for the upcoming 8.1 release. We first designed the logo, making it really crisp and to be as ‘system default’ looking as possible. By designing the logo in Illustrator and using the vectors embedded […]

Blackspike accepts bitcoin

Blackspike Design has been accepting bitcoin since 2012, either as tips for miscellaneous tech help or code samples in our tutorials, our first bitcoin tip was when 1BTC = 10GBP The great thing about accepting bitcoins is that it removes the transaction fees when paying internationally across currencies and it is much quicker to deposit. […]

Summit Radio flyer design

We created a promotional flyer for our local radio station – Summit Radio – for a ski jump competition.

Leicester Council Microsite

Blackspike was asked to design and code up the new front end for their Love Clean Streets microsite

Data Center Garage logo

One of our favourite logos that we’ve designed, an industrial feel for a digital company

Encore WPF Desktop App

Briefed to create a desktop app that looks and works like Modern Windows was a fun challenge. Fortunately, WPF and Blend mean that is achievable with animations, transitions and rich vector graphics

Monkey Chamonix – Responsive website design and build

A labour of love for our local bar, we’ve designed and built a very customised new wordpress site for them. The client was very easy going and happy for us to lead the design and choose the technology to showcase the content. Here are some of the cool features we used Bilingual – using localstorage, […]

ReadSpike v2 – news aggregator

We soft launched some time in 2013 mostly for ourselves, but more and more people are heading about it and users are growing daily. With more users comes feedback, mostly useful! Readspike v2 now uses localstorage to remember column states and we’ve added a re/code feed as requested. We have updated the logo and […]

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