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Mix10 – 10 things we’d like to see announced

We’re missing out on Mix in Vegas tomorrow for the first time in a long time, but here are a couple of things we’d love to see announced. We love Microsoft design technologies like Silverlight and Surface, but they have a lot of catching up to do to equal Adobe CS4 quality.

Microsoft Surface 2

Now with non-2005 hardware, smaller/better box

Expression Design 4

Gets in the same league as Illustrator, adds bitmap support

Expression Web 4

A good little app, unsung hero of the bunch, needs some UI love

Expression Blend 4

Round-trip xaml/vector editing, blending modes

Silverlight 5

3D support, spline based animation/easing


Surprise us, at least more than the difference between WPF3-WPF4 (catching up with Silverlight)

Internet Explorer 9

HTML 5, Canvas tag, SVG. Christ.

Windows Mobile 7

Apple App-type store, so we can steal ideas from Apple Apps, rebuild them in Silverlight, profit

Pussycat dolls and free bar again.

Also, free Windows 7 phone each. Have fun out there :)

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  1. Tim Acheson says:

    My esteemed colleague, Jo Conlon, referred me to your website. I like it! I’m especially interested to see what Silverlight stuff you’ll do next. ;)

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