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Encore WPF Desktop App

Briefed to create a desktop app that looks and works like Modern Windows was a fun challenge. Fortunately, WPF and Blend mean that is achievable with animations, transitions and rich vector graphics

Joule 2 WPF Trading Gateway

This was a huge piece of Silverlight and WPF work that ended up really well – a high performance trading gateway with a huge feature set. We originally built it in Silverlight, but converted to WPF for perf reasons

POC PixelSense Ski App

We knocked up a proof of concept ski resort PixelSense app to demonstrate the abilities of our unit to clients

Free Silverlight and WPF loading spinners

Here’s some free spinners I’ve been making with Blend and Illustrator that you can use as indeterminate loaders for Silverlight or any WPF app, all that needs changing to suit is the storyboard trigger. Enjoy!

Tesco WPF Touch App PDC08 Keynote

PDC08 – Microsofts Professional Developers Convention is where they bring out all the big tech news, like Windows 7 and its new touch awareness. Microsoft hired Conchango to build an app for Tescos using WPF to take advantage of the native touch capabilities.

SearchTower WPF App

This WPF app scours your hard drive for indexed content and displays it back to you in a variety of interesting ways. Fully touch friendly and with 6 different themes, this app will be great when it launches… We also designed the icons and branding, one of our first forays into Blender 3D

PixelSense Scrum Poker

At Conchango, some bright spark [edit – the bright spark was Howard van Rooijen] came up with the idea of making ‘Surface Planning Poker for Scrum for Team System’ – an Agile/Scrum planning ‘game’ on our Microsoft Surface so that spring planning would be less of a chore. Stuart Harris programmed it and we designed […]

Nokia – Comes With Music WPF App

Working as lead designers at Nokia Music, the key project was the iTunes-like WPF app codenamed ‘Euphoria’. We were responsible for designing and building the front end with Expression Blend.

BL.APP WPF desktop notifier application

Just an idea for a WPF desktop notifier, the idea being that you’d enter a set of blogs or web services, and when you click on the task tray icon an array of new or recent items would erupt over your desktop using Kevin Moores WPF bag of tricks to display them on springs, the most recent being the biggest.

Adidas Motor Sport WPF app skin

Scott Hanselman was building a WPF app with his friend John Batdorf for Adidas motorsport. Essentially they wanted a flash-like desktop app showing raceday conditions and selling official merch. Where Scott and John fell down was when they realized they had to turn a Photoshop mockup into XAML. This takes a designers eye for layout […]

Hanselmans BabySmash

babySmash is a WPF app written by one of the worlds most highly respected blogger/geek/Microsoft shills to showcase the Microsoft interactive design and development stack and to entertain his apparently already tech-savvy spawn. Hanselman bigging up blackspike Your browser does not support the video tag. You should update your browser for crying out loud. Try […]

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