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Agenda View – Windows Phone app site and icon

Visit We created a new site and icon for our friends at – they built a handy calendar app for the upcoming 8.1 release. We first designed the logo, making it really crisp and to be as ‘system default’ looking as possible. By designing the logo in Illustrator and using the vectors embedded […]

MG-ALFA Windows 8 Dashboard Metro App

Our first Windows 8 Metro app in the Windows App store. We helped Endjin & Milliman with the design and build of a seriously impressive touchscreen app for managing and monitoring very large Windows Azure clusters.

Windows Store IPTV app

Microsoft asked us to mockup a Windows Store app to demo to ISPs, we happily supplied the artwork

Windows Store Concierge App

This was a POC Windows Store app for a hotel that the customer would use to manage their stay

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