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Credit Suisse ForEx trading Silverlight dashboard

Blackspike worked with the brilliant digital studio UsTwo to help Credit Suisse build a comprehensive and market leading Silverlight dashboard to control, analyse and trade from both the browser and out-of-browser.

Joule – Energy trading platform

Blackspike was hired to make the Joule Silverlight app look great and feel slick and responsive, but not only did we design the app look and feel and build the XAML assets, we also helped out with a PhoneGap mobile site and the HTML5 help system, amongst icons and animations.

Silverlight Web App

We designed and built the front end of this Silverlight airport booking system

Silverlight 4 theme brush packs

Back in March we released our award winning free Silverlight 4 theme, which provides control styles & templates, and a set of brushes to customise the look. We’re not sure that we made it clear how simple it is to change the brushes to make the theme fit your style. Therefore, we’re going to create […]

Ordnance Survey Get-A-Map

This was the first mockup for the Silverlight web app we built for Ordnance Survey Get-A-Map service

Free Silverlight 3 skin

This is the much requested Silverlight 3 version of my Blackspike theme – same rules apply, you can use it for any project personal or commercial. Let us know if you find any bugs in the comments below. Released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales. You are free to copy, […]

Free Silverlight 4 beta skin!

Update: The skin has been upgraded to Silverlight 4 final! Update 2: This theme won an award! We are playing with Silverlight 4 beta a lot at the moment, and one of its best features is the new Implicit Styles. This means that we can design a Silverlight theme for all the controls, and all […]

Witty Twitter Silverlight Skin

We were asked to look at designing a Silverlight skin for Witty – a WPF Twitter application for Windows. We mocked this up based on the current WPF version: This project never ended up happening, so for anyone interested, here is the source and Illustrator files should you want to breathe some life into it!

Free Silverlight and WPF loading spinners

Here’s some free spinners I’ve been making with Blend and Illustrator that you can use as indeterminate loaders for Silverlight or any WPF app, all that needs changing to suit is the storyboard trigger. Enjoy!

Free Silverlight Beta 2 Skin

As worthless as it comes, here’s a theme we made when Silverlight Beta 2 came out. Of course, Silverlight 2 turned out to be incompatible with Beta 2, so we threw it away. For posterity, you can download the source below. Maybe grab some XAML out of it. Update – check out our new Silverlight […]

Setanta Sports Silverlight IPTV

The biggest Silverlight piece we have ever built – and one of the biggest Silverlight 2 RIA’s ever made was a fantastic, global project to work on. It took all the live and pre-recorded Setanta sports feeds and displayed them in a fantastically rich web browser app. It had everything from TiVo like programming and […]

National Rail Enquiries POC

This was a Proof Of Concept Silverlight 2 app we helped build for Microsoft/National Rail. In just 3 weeks we created an app that would track all trains on the network at any time, and display their status and position on a map in browser.

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