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Procter and Gamble PixelSense app

Procter & Gamble wanted to create a multi-user moodboard app so their focus group sessions could be more interactive and archived. As PixelSense experts, we built an app to easily display and manipulate photos

POC PixelSense Ski App

We knocked up a proof of concept ski resort PixelSense app to demonstrate the abilities of our unit to clients

Tesco WPF Touch App PDC08 Keynote

PDC08 – Microsofts Professional Developers Convention is where they bring out all the big tech news, like Windows 7 and its new touch awareness. Microsoft hired Conchango to build an app for Tescos using WPF to take advantage of the native touch capabilities.

PixelSense Scrum Poker

At Conchango, some bright spark [edit – the bright spark was Howard van Rooijen] came up with the idea of making ‘Surface Planning Poker for Scrum for Team System’ – an Agile/Scrum planning ‘game’ on our Microsoft Surface so that spring planning would be less of a chore. Stuart Harris programmed it and we designed […]

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