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ReadSpike v2 – news aggregator

We soft launched some time in 2013 mostly for ourselves, but more and more people are heading about it and users are growing daily. With more users comes feedback, mostly useful! Readspike v2 now uses localstorage to remember column states and we’ve added a re/code feed as requested. We have updated the logo and […]

Display Google Docs spreadsheets in WordPress Pt2

Following on from our post on how to use Google Docs as a lightweight CMS, this is how to include editable tabular data with custom fields in your WordPress theme. Edit core WordPress theme files You will only need to edit two files in your theme: header.php single.php Copy the contents from the source code […]

Google Docs as a lightweight CMS Pt1

We created a website for a friend, who wanted to display a lot of tabular data. We couldn’t find a way to make it easy to update on a regular basis, so we cooked up a simple CMS using a little PHP, jQuery, HTML and Google Spreadsheets. Part 2 shows how to integrate Into WordPress. […]

Helix Stone Carving Website

A quick site and business card for the talented stone carver Tom Brown. We wrote a php script that loops through a directory for images and thumbnails and some jquery to make a lightbox, a very primitive CMS system in a couple of files. Check out some of his amazing work here:

Smithmonger Flash Site

Breakbeat superstar producer and DJ asked us to design him a logo and website, something a bit different. So we created him this site, we cobbled together enough php and flash to create a primitive text file based cms system which was cool at the time. One of the earliest releases of his site […]

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