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BC Trees responsive WordPress theme

BC Trees asked Blackspike to come up with a custom built Wordpress theme to include BC Trees’ new branding and to be fully responsive from mobile to tablet to laptop to desktop.

Agenda View – Windows Phone app site and icon

Visit We created a new site and icon for our friends at – they built a handy calendar app for the upcoming 8.1 release. We first designed the logo, making it really crisp and to be as ‘system default’ looking as possible. By designing the logo in Illustrator and using the vectors embedded […]

Leicester Council Microsite

Blackspike was asked to design and code up the new front end for their Love Clean Streets microsite

Monkey Chamonix – Responsive website design and build

A labour of love for our local bar, we’ve designed and built a very customised new wordpress site for them. The client was very easy going and happy for us to lead the design and choose the technology to showcase the content. Here are some of the cool features we used Bilingual – using localstorage, […]

Adobe Edge for HTML5 animation

Blackspike was asked to help with some animation for Endjin – something we would normally have done in Flash (or less frequently, Silverlight), but the brief was for it to work on mobile, which meant using HTML5/CSS/Javascript.

The Messenger – Chamonix nightlife guide

Blackspike helped build the online version for the existing Messenger weekly print guide, a great flier promoting all the events and parties in Chamonix Mont Blanc, a large ski-town in the French Alps. It needed to have a calendar updated by a Google Calendar feed for ease of use, and it needed to be responsive […]

Bespoke Pet Portraits is a website we made for our good friend Evelyn Parker-Stow. She is an incredible photo-realistic artist, a quirky yet skillful Royal Academy of Art alumni, her work has to be seen to be believed. We took her great art and created a fun single-paged website, which shows off her diverse abilities while cleanly explaining the process and costs.

Peer Perks website

We built the front end for peerperks from artwork they supplied

Blueyonder Website 2012 Redesign

This is a visual refresh of the Blueyonder Airline site we designed in 2010 to bring it up to modern standards and trends

MCW Tech website redesign

We originally designed their original site, and a couple of years later they asked us to give them a refresh in a more modern Metro-style. We were happy to oblige.

DocVek Website

The one and only DocVek asked us to design and build a WordPress theme to showcase his absolutely stunning artwork. His flyers, posters and even shoes are all fantastically creative works of art. We were happy to build his site for him, and he’s promised some artwork in return – can’t wait to see it!

DJ Irk – the hardliest-working man in no-business

We met DJ Irk earlier this year in Chamonix, a great party DJ as well as a top snowboarder, he asked me if we could redesign his site. We both redesigned it and recoded it, this time as a custom WordPress theme. It uses fantastic artwork from DocVek (who’s website we also built!) as a […]

Blueyonder Website

This is an html site for the fictitious airline, BlueYonder, to be used for demonstrations of Visual Studio 2010. The site was mostly designed in Illustrator, with bitmaps, effects and slicing done in Photoshop. We wrote the html and css by hand using Expression Web, which is actually not a bad text editor. You can […]

Helix Stone Carving Website

A quick site and business card for the talented stone carver Tom Brown. We wrote a php script that loops through a directory for images and thumbnails and some jquery to make a lightbox, a very primitive CMS system in a couple of files. Check out some of his amazing work here:

Vigilante Bespoke Website

PSD to HTML, this was a build only job from artwork supplied, this is a tight site heavy on jQuery with some bullet proof HTML/CSS too. For all your web security needs check

XAML Ninja Website + Branding

Rich G from Conchango went solo this year and needed a web presence and some branding work, this is the site we built him, WordPress as a CMS and a shuriken style ninja logo. Check the live site here

WildFire Bookings

A website for our friends at Wildfire bookings, a hip hop PR agency in Bristol. The supplied photos were awful, so collage was the way to go, and pretty successfully to we reckon.

Smerins Anti Social Site

Awesome band Smerins Anti Social (catch them when you can) called in design hero Radim Malinic of Brand Nu to do the artwork and us to build their new site. It looks fantastic and was a joy to work with graphics this good.

Phantom Beats website

Now this is an old site (look at the tiny fonts!) that we designed and built in 2003

Redesigning the Microsoft Visit Mix site

Early last year we entered a redesign contest to win a free trip to Mix in Vegas. You had to take their HTML page and without touching it, totally redesigning it using CSS and images only. We really enjoyed the challenge, both designing and building it, and were happy with the final result. The judges […]

OD2 Music – Web/TV/Mobile

The music download stores we designed at OD2 (pre Nokia Music) were interesting in that each store was rolled out to web, TV (via mediacenter) and mobile – each with device specific constraints. It was great experience, and we learned a lot about usability dependent on situations (more than just interactive TV needs enormous buttons). […]

O2 Music online shop

Before Nokia bought OD2, the digital delivery network started by Peter Gabriel, we used to be the lead designers and it was our job to design and sometimes build the storefronts for clients such as MSN, Coca Cola, Oxfam and many others. This was the last one we designed, the O2 music store, long before […]

Sheepshape furniture brochure and website

John Neusinger needed a brochure to sell his exquisitely hand made wooden furniture, and a small brochure site. A great example of cheap and simple design which is low maintenance, long lasting and cost effective., artist gallery and shop

This website was for the super talented artist, Jo Conlon, who wanted a blog to promote her exhibitions and new work, and a shop to sell pieces online. Rather than using the clunky zencart which would be a bit overkill, we used WordPress with a custom theme and the (also somewhat clunky) cheap plugin wp-ecommerce. […]

DJ Cheeba website

The incredibly talented VJ/DJ Cheeba has been bugging us for a site for ages, so finally we whipped him up a custom themed site using WordPress as a CMS and blogging platform. See the live site here: It’s definitely a step beyond most blogs and dj sites, and contains the following features: Flash video […]

Ecoshiz – zencart shop and branding

A friend asked us to build her a full ecommerce site for her ethical goods business, so after our success and experience building zencart site,, we thought we’d build hers with it too. Sadly, it never took off, here is how it looked anyway, with their logo we designed

BlowersWorld – not as rude as it sounds is a site originally thought up by DJ Pete Kraymon, to document the phenomena that is ‘doing a blower’. The strapline explains it best: “From this point on expect vast improvements in quality of life. All you need is a camera and a loose set of cheeks. The enjoyment will come naturally.” Anyway, we […], google docs and wordpress

This is a site I built from a friends artwork. It uses a cunning mix of live google spreadsheets pulled into wordpress, and dynamically formatted with CSS and jQuery. I’ll do a tutorial on how this is done soon :)

MCW tech website design

We often collaborate with the great guys at MCW on a variety of web and Windows stack work, they truly are experts in their field. When they asked us to design their new website we were happy to pitch in with mockups and HTML

ReSkin – Ian Griffiths blog

The Who What Why Ian Griffiths, a well respected developer, speaker and author who literally wrote the book on WPF amongst other his many other projects (he even helped write Artworks for the Acorn Archimedes early 90’s – the first Illustrator-like app I ever used!) and an all round good bloke. His blog gets ~23,000 […]

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