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Adobe Edge for HTML5 animation

Blackspike was asked to help with some animation for Endjin – something we would normally have done in Flash (or less frequently, Silverlight), but the brief was for it to work on mobile, which meant using HTML5/CSS/Javascript.

Custom bookmarklets

This is a very simple & specific bookmarklet to hide the annoying footer banner advert on the otherwise great website — we love the site but for some reason we find footer adverts very annoying.* After seeing this new Smashing Magazine tutorial: Make Your Own Bookmarklets With jQuery the other day, we thought we’d […]

Helix Stone Carving Website

A quick site and business card for the talented stone carver Tom Brown. We wrote a php script that loops through a directory for images and thumbnails and some jquery to make a lightbox, a very primitive CMS system in a couple of files. Check out some of his amazing work here:

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