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BC Trees responsive WordPress theme

BC Trees asked Blackspike to come up with a custom built Wordpress theme to include BC Trees’ new branding and to be fully responsive from mobile to tablet to laptop to desktop.

Agenda View – Windows Phone app site and icon

Visit We created a new site and icon for our friends at – they built a handy calendar app for the upcoming 8.1 release. We first designed the logo, making it really crisp and to be as ‘system default’ looking as possible. By designing the logo in Illustrator and using the vectors embedded […]

The joy of CSS3

We’ve been looking at CSS3 a bit this week, particularly the webkit implementation of it, and we’re amazed. This is going to be great for progressive enhancement to sites viewed in modern browsers. We had no idea it was possible to keyframe and then trigger animations within CSS! Some use cases that spring instantly to […]

Google Docs as a lightweight CMS Pt1

We created a website for a friend, who wanted to display a lot of tabular data. We couldn’t find a way to make it easy to update on a regular basis, so we cooked up a simple CMS using a little PHP, jQuery, HTML and Google Spreadsheets. Part 2 shows how to integrate Into WordPress. […]

Helix Stone Carving Website

A quick site and business card for the talented stone carver Tom Brown. We wrote a php script that loops through a directory for images and thumbnails and some jquery to make a lightbox, a very primitive CMS system in a couple of files. Check out some of his amazing work here:

Redesigning the Microsoft Visit Mix site

Early last year we entered a redesign contest to win a free trip to Mix in Vegas. You had to take their HTML page and without touching it, totally redesigning it using CSS and images only. We really enjoyed the challenge, both designing and building it, and were happy with the final result. The judges […]

ReSkin – Ian Griffiths blog

The Who What Why Ian Griffiths, a well respected developer, speaker and author who literally wrote the book on WPF amongst other his many other projects (he even helped write Artworks for the Acorn Archimedes early 90’s – the first Illustrator-like app I ever used!) and an all round good bloke. His blog gets ~23,000 […]

Creating an iGoogle theme

Use igoogle? Here’s how to create your own and get it published. Get your artwork thousands of daily views for free by just making your own homepage not suck with a homemade igoogle theme

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