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Blackspike accepts bitcoin

Blackspike Design has been accepting bitcoin since 2012, either as tips for miscellaneous tech help or code samples in our tutorials, our first bitcoin tip was when 1BTC = 10GBP

The great thing about accepting bitcoins is that it removes the transaction fees when paying internationally across currencies and it is much quicker to deposit.

This helps with microstransactions for example, say you are in the USA and wanted an hour of our time to design you a new favicon, with currency exchange rates or PayPal fees this wouldn’t be worth the time/cost whereas with bitcoin the entire sum goes from client to service provider and the process is both free and instant.

So if you have bitcoin and design needs from logos to entire website builds, please get in touch on our contact form and we’ll be happy to quote you in BTC.

For reference, our bitcoin address is



Bitcoin wallpaper freebie

Here is a full size Bitcoin logo wallpaper we created for this page’s header graphic


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