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Adidas Motor Sport WPF app skin

Scott Hanselman was building a WPF app with his friend John Batdorf for Adidas motorsport. Essentially they wanted a flash-like desktop app showing raceday conditions and selling official merch.

Where Scott and John fell down was when they realized they had to turn a Photoshop mockup into XAML. This takes a designers eye for layout and pixel perfection, so they sent me the project source and the psd and gave me one day to merge the two.

Using Expression Blend, this was a straightforward task, and achieved within the tight deadline. It was such a success story that Scott used it as the basis of his presentation at the Mix09 conference, the video of which is available to watch here

How’d they do it? Real App. Real Code. Two Weeks. Nothing but .NET
See me and John in the audience getting picked on ;)

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