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Character modelling in Blender 3D

Continuing with character development with Blender 3D, we’ve seen two amazing portfolios this week, and we thought we’d learn from them by trying to duplicate their work. Still a long way to go before we’re at their standard!

First up is the fantastic teodoru badiu (twitter: @teodoru) – we saw this image in particular and tried to copy the character and landscape shroomzeeandthecannonballbirds.jpg – love the vibrant colours but just couldn’t duplicate the sense of action portrayed.

Second is Raul Real (recommended by our own 3D warrior Matt Ratcliffe) – Raul Real is another genius 3D artist, and we love this Chocolate Skinhead character, and tried to replicate it, although we can’t even get close to his materials.

Normally we attach the source files, but in this case as we’re duplicating other artists work, we’d rather not make them available. If you do want any of the models let us know via the contact form and we’ll email them to you.

Here’s a desktop-sized render:

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